Monday, September 15, 2008

Natural Buttock Enhancement to make your butt bigger: My quest on how to get a bigger butt

About a few months ago I was on the search to get a bigger butt. You see, I had (emphasis on the HAD) a small butt. So here I go, straight to Google. Hmm, I found a lot of free advice which was nice but after a few weeks they sort of just toned (free advice was just exercise). Ok I guess. Toned butt, but my butt was still small. My goal was a bigger and rounder butt, not just round.

I ran into a forum trying to dish out some dirt on a site I found on Yahoo answers. That question was deleted though. I believe it was... Not sure. Forgot by now. My head gets foggy sometimes. My blond moments :)! So, yeah, lucky me I was in for a super long read. SUPER LONG. So I just skimmed. I couldn't believe how childish I was just laughing. These 2 sites were going crazy, getabiggerbooty and a site known as dimeadozen. That was a huge turn off. I left the forum because there were too many crazy people so I lost interest.

A few hours on Google I found a website for femimore pills. I was like WTF? Then a few sites which sold books. Any who, here'd my review. I got so many people asking me what worked on my Facebook and Myspace and how I got such a big ass fast so here is the information:

Femimore- Okay. I ran into this site from some group on which was going phsycotic about it. The site seemed pretty legit, although the music annoyed me. I bought the expensive as pills which where $148 in US Dollars ($140 Euros) for a one moth supply which I had to take for 3 months at LEAST to see a bigger butt. I had zero results like a mug. Here is the deal, I DID NOT do the exercise they give you so I gained nothing the first month, just got a little fatter. I started the exercise and realized... hey, this is stupid! ALL YOU DO IS GET YOUR RESULTS FROM THE EXERCISE, which are not much (less then 1 inch in a month) and you can get them for free on the internet. So, yeah. Bottom line if you are looking to get femimore to get a bigger butt- NOT WORTH IT. THEY JUST USE EXERCISE.

Dimeadozen- I ordered this damn book 2 months ago and haven't yet to receive the damn thing! AUGH! I called them and called them and no one ever picks up. I guess the number on the site is just for support. I have even emailed them about... I want to say over 100 times in a honesty and have yet to receive any response. I guess tomorrow I will just call my bank and ask for a reversal, do they charge me for that? It pushes my buttons because I got it as a scanned copy fom the internet for free. I did try the free copy and it was uh, stolen material! Yes, the pictures and everything else, from you guessed it, free information off the internet. I could only do the exercise to get a bigger butt because unfortunately they gave hormonal techniques which are not aprooved by any medic. Just toned my butt. I would not recommend them because I believe they scam a lot of people for their money as well as their book is not effective and material you can get free from the internet. Plus the "gallery" section of before and afters are fake. Stupid me, but oh wells. I knew that but bought it anyway. For a Christian based company they sure do cuss a lot in their book.

The Woman's Body Bible- This is the book I would recommend. This is where I stopped my search. Okay so, the light ebook version sucks. It really did not help me get a bigger butt, but after contacting support and within 24 hours realized their before and after photo's were from the book I was like. Hell yeah! (Great customer service by the way. Very friendly, fast, and helpful!). So here goes my results just to prove it to you all: Here goes my before.

Here is my after. I guess it was about a little less then 1 month. I got about 2" my first week.

The website for the book is Although this book is really effective, the only con about it is the photos, they are low quality. You can see them but they could be better. They give you a lot of information and different methods to teach you how to make you butt bigger. What I liked most was how they teach you what foods will help make only your butt bigger and help it grow. I lost a few inches on my waistline which is and added plus and they include optional information like get bigger breast naturally, get rid of cellulite, stretch mark remedy and stuff like that. Over all they are a A+++.

There goes what I did, what worked, what didn't. Request a blog, request a product! Bookmark me and spread the word! -Love yall!